NET4 Managed Services


A state of the art and high available IT infrastructure is of fundamental importance for companies. However, this takes up a lot of time and resources. With NET4 Managed Services you can delegate this responsibility and concentrate fully on your core business.


NET4 Managed Services - carefree and clear advantage!

With NET4 Managed Services you benefit from our wealth of experience. So it is possible for both large and small companies to be technically up-to-date and to continuously access the necessary know-how without having to continuously train themselves.

With NET4 Managed Services you are on the safe side and do not have to worry about possible failures - and at a defined fixed price. Your software and security solution is always up to date, and you can react quickly and flexibly to changes and adapt your managed services. With managed services, you also have a major advantage over pure outsourcing: no infrastructure or personnel resources are outsourced.


Your benefits with NET4 Managed Services

  • Technically always up to date
  • Fixed (operating) costs
  • You can focus on your own core copetencies
  • Efficient and time savin operations


We take care of licenses

Do you need new licenses or do you no longer want to worry about when they expire? We ensure that all required licenses of the underlying defined systems are always available. If desired, the costs and the procurement of the required licenses can be included in the managed services contract.


We take care of the necessary hardware

If you don't have a trusted supplier who manages the hardware for you, we are happy to take over this area for you and take care of both the costs and the procurement of the hardware as part of the managed service contract. 


We support you on site

Nowadays, a large part of the malfunctions or the tasks to be done can be solved and carried out remotely very quickly and efficiently. In the event that you still need on-site support, we would be happy to work with you to develop a concept tailored to your needs as part of the managed services contract.